An international car manufacturer took the strategic decision to appoint a suitable partner to manage their parts logistics operations in the UK. There are over 26,000 individual parts that can be ordered by the 150+ dealers on a day one for day 2 basis. The logistics partner would need to manage the inventory and procurement of the stock based on up to the minute demand planning management. Furthermore, a Dealer Help Desk Support function was required to provide expert assistance to the Dealerships.


The manufacturer appointed Amethyst Group to become a third party provider of parts logistics. This includes parts inventory management, warehousing and distribution together with dealer help desk support. The distribution centre utilised for the client is a shared user facility of 120,000 sqft based at Staplehurst in Kent. It is well positioned to take inbound freight on a daily basis from the manufacturer’s European warehouse in Belgium. Distribution vehicles leave Staplehurst up to 7.30pm each day for delivery to the UK dealer network overnight, for delivery either into lock-up facilities in the night or next morning. The initial contract has been renewed several times since 2000.



Amethyst hold 26,000 Stocked Lines, which turn 11 times per annum. There are over 1,000 lines inbound per day. Outbound we despatch from over 2,400 lines daily, across 140 orders. These orders are received by 11am and despatched by 7.30pm for delivery overnight. Furthermore, we offer an urgent, VOR, order service by 14:30pm, for overnight delivery, for all dealers. We achieve these SLA’s whilst maintaining a KPI of 0.07% line error against lines despatched.