Environmental Policy

    Amethyst is a specialist supplier of logistics services and operates a number of warehouses/distribution centres throughout the UK.

    As a responsible company we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and view this as a key priority.

    We will establish environmental policies and procedures and through training and communication, will integrate these into our business.

    We will reduce the environmental impact of operating our warehouse by:

    • Reducing energy consumption by improving the way we use electricity, gas and water
    • Use recyclable/reusable materials wherever possible
    • Where possible reuse packaging and other materials rather than dispose of

    We will promote recycling of waste and surplus products within our operation and encourage our clients and suppliers to co-operate with us in achieving this.

    We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

    We will inform everyone working for Amethyst Group Ltd and our agents/contractors of the requirements of this policy.

    We will employ measurements within each warehouse to show the benefits of continual improvements in our environmental performance.

    We will work with our transport partners to ensure together we are minimising the impact of CO2 emissions through efficient use of transport.

    We will ensure that our activities minimise any disruption or nuisance to our neighbours and the local community.

    We will ensure that preventative and corrective action is taken when there is a non-compliance.

    We will review this policy at least once a year.