Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

    Amethyst has over 10 years experience providing warehousing and distribution services to pharmacuetical wholesalers. We hold MHRA accreditation for the storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals as well as a Home Office licence for the storage of Schedule 4 and 5 drugs.  Our sophisticated and highly accurate systems and processes are designed for handling of pharmaceutical products to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

    We provide the ideal facilities and conditions for our clients’ important inventory, all in accordance with GMP/GDP regulations. We manage clients’ products from receipt, putaway, storage, pick & pack, despatch, inventory management through to delivery to customers, achieving excellent customer service as standard.

    We tailor our distribution models to be the perfect fit to client requirement, be it high volume, international delivery or local drops. All pharamceutucal activity is coordinated through one of our sites in the Midlands. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with our clients’ customers and a thorough understanding of the market.


    Amethyst provides modern, strategically located warehousing with high levels of security and MHRA and Home Office licences. We provide flexible storage, tailored to our client’s requirements, designed for maximising accuracy and efficiency. Inventory management for batch control and expiry date management comes as standard. We offer specialist services to our Pharmaceutical and Healthcare clients including wholesale and retail distribution as well as reworking / pre-retail. Amethyst invests to provide clients with flexible space and labour, without the fixed costs.


    We understand our client’s success depends on accurate and timely delivery of goods, particularly with valuable pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Leveraging our supply chain expertise, we are able to provide a customised solution to each of our clients. We operate multi-client sites delivering to retailer’s distribution centres, retail outlets and hospitals throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide. This way we optimise vehicle fill to reduce costs and environmental impact and utilise our excellent retailer relationships to deliver 100% on time, in full deliveries.


    We recognise that to truly add value for our clients we must fully understand their industry to identify where the core challenges lie and provide the necessary solutions. We offer additional services such as returns collections and disposal, first day product launch support, recall and quarantine processes, pre-retail customisation and kitting.


    Our services start with a full systems specification and integration of our warehouse management systems with clients’ stock control systems. For multichannel integrations we also integrate with web platforms and clients’ customer systems where required. Our solution connects our clients IT systems with Amethyst to provide real time information and reports enabling swift strategic decisions in response to market changes. Our systems handle inbound scheduling, order processing and status, inventory management and transport management and tracking as well as returns processing.

    We take a long term, partnership approach to all of our client relationships. We manage this relationship through our operational teams with daily and weekly reviews and on a strategic level with Managing Director collaboration for regular reviews. This way we ensure the day to day KPI’s are achieved whilst allowing for planning of future developments. We provide an online reporting system for clients which is designed to allow self service access to key data for clients on demand.



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