• 525,000 square feet of strategically located, shared user warehousing in 6 distribution centres
    • Up to 1,000 full time employees at peak periods
    • ISO 9001 accredited and some have MHRA and Home Office licenses
    • Partnerships with trusted carriers operating in the UK and globally
    • Handling for full loads, pallets, cartons, hanging garments and packets
    • In-house transport management to optimise vehicle-fill reducing cost and environmental impact
    Added value capability
    • Pre-retail processing, point of exit processing, co-packing
    • Returns processing, recall and quarantine processes
    • Flexible, short lead time onsite teams for those urgent reworks when things go wrong earlier in the supply chain
    Specialised client requirements
    • Creative, flexible approach to special requirements
    • Adaptable systems and processes to meet the challenges of specialised industries
    • Supplying to dealers, field based engineers, workshops or customer premises.
    • In-house development and deployment team
    • Fully featured warehouse management systems which can be integrated with clients stock control systems
    • Skilled integrators who have worked with many web platforms and clients’ ERP systems
    Account management partnership
    • Distribution Centre Managers who are accountable for the clients in their business centres
    • Dedicated first point of contact administration teams
    • Online activity reporting so you can always keep in touch with what’s going on in the DC

    Providing Services for:

    Modern manufacturing places very heavy demands on the inbound supply chain. Amethyst has a role to play in these complex situations where a creative, flexible link is required to bridge the gap between different points in the chain.

    On the outbound side we provide wholesaler and distributor services and we have many years experience in supporting aftermarket parts.

    We leverage our haulier partnerships to provide integrated transport operations for timely, reliable delivery. Shared user facilities mean we can optimise load fill for lower costs and minimal environmental impact.

    Services we offer include:

    • Receipt and break bulk
    • Secure storage with Custom bonding
    • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
    • Kitting and rework
    • Inspection
    • Customisation at point of exit
    • OE Kit Packing
    • Parts marking for unique ID’s
    • Sub assembly
    • Distribution
    • Returns management
    • Warranty returns handling
    • Marketing fulfilment
    • MoD-standard packing

    Over the last decade online shopping has become an important part of the retail scene attracting pureplay and traditional bricks and mortar retailers.

    This explosive growth of e commerce has driven demand for scalable, flexible and robust fulfilment solutions. As well as considerable year on year growth many sectors have challenging seasonal peaks

    Using our long experience of systems, accurate small order picking and packing and successful management of seasonality Amethyst has developed systems and processes to meet these challenges.

    With shorter and shorter life-cycles in the online world we continually improve and re-invent our solutions to provide competitive advantage for our clients.

    The services we provide include:

    • Three way systems interfacing between client, web platform and Amethyst
    • Receipt and secure storage
    • Kitting
    • Multi-channel order management
    • Pick and pack (standard, luxury and gift packs)
    • Distribution with track and trace
    • International distribution
    • Resilient carrier management
    • Returns processing and management
    • Return to vendor and end of line transfers

    The high street continues to be tough environment where only the fittest survive.

    A well executed and well managed logistics operation is a necessity and outsourcing can offer real competitive advantage because you can focus on the core retail operation.

    Retail also continues to be an exciting area for development of new and improved services as the omni-channel revolution gathers pace.

    The economics of traditional retailing are breaking down demanding investment in retail selling space and the supply chain.

    • We offer a suite of multi channel services to our retail clients including:
    • Receipt and break bulk
    • Vendor ratings
    • Quality control
    • Secure storage
    • Pre-retailing and co-packing
    • Store pick and pack
    • E fulfilment pick and pack
    • Click’n’collect
    • Dedicated or shared distribution
    • Returns management
    • Clearance and return to vendors

    Amethyst is known for managing precise and robust logistics operations on behalf of brands, wholesalers and distributors.

    Clients rely on our dedication and attention to detail, creating lasting partnerships some of which have lasted over 15 years.

    As our clients’ retail customers have demanded more and more sophisticated supply chains, we have invested in our systems and processes to provide best in class solutions for our clients.

    The result is leaner inventory, shorter lead times and faster delivery

    Services we provide include:

    • Receipt and storage
    • Configurable racking and storage solutions
    • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
    • Supplier conformance reporting
    • Customisation and pre-retail work
    • Co-packing
    • FSDU assembly and filling
    • Picking and despatch
    • Distribution
    • Returns processing
    • Online reporting suites tailored to client requirements